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Common marking codes for teachers     Marking codes

2D shapes: names   Video 1      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

2D shapes: quadrilaterals   Video 2      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

3D shapes: names   Video 3      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

3D shapes: nets    Video 4      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

3D shapes: vertices, edges, faces   Video 5    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Addition: column method   Video 6      Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Algebra: changing the subject    Video 7      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: changing the subject advanced    Video 8      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: collecting like terms     Video 9      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebra: completing the square     Video 10      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: dividing terms     Video 11      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: equation of a circle     Video 12     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expanding brackets   Video 13      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expanding two brackets   Video 14      Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expanding three brackets   Video 15      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expressions – forming     Video 16     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: indices     Video 17     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: multiplying terms     Video 18     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: notation     Video 19     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebra: substitution    Video 20     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: addition    Video 21     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: division   Video 22     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: multiplication   Video 23     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: simplifying   Video 24     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: parallel lines     Video 25    Practice Questions

Angles: bearings     Video 26      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: given bearings from two points   Video 27    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: drawing     Video 28      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: estimation     Video 29     Practice Questions

Angles: full circle (at a point)   Video 30    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: measuring     Video 31       Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: polygons    Video 32      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: quadrilaterals     Video 33    Practice Questions

Angles: right angle   Video 34    Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: straight line   Video 35    Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: tessellations    Video 36      Practice Questions

Angles: triangle    Video 37    Practice Questions

Angles: types of   Video 38      Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Angles: vertically opposites     Video 39    Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Area: circles    Video 40      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Area: compound shapes    Video 41     Practice Questions

Area: hexagon     Video 41a     Practice Questions

Area: L – shape     Video 42      Practice Questions

Area: on a grid     Video 43     Practice Questions

Area: parallelogram   Video 44      Practice Questions

Area: rectangle   Video 45     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Area: sector    Video 46      Practice Questions

Area: semi-circle    Video 47      Practice Questions

Area: trapezium    Video 48      Practice Questions

Area: triangle   Video 49      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Averages: median    Video 50      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise



Averages: median from frequency table     Video 51     Practice Questions

Averages: median from grouped data (interpolation)   Video 52     Practice Questions

Averages: mean    Video 53      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Averages: mean from a frequency table   Video 54     Practice Questions

Averages: mean (estimated from grouped data)   Video 55      Practice Questions

Averages: mode    Video 56      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Averages: range    Video 57      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Circles: arc length     Video 58    Practice Questions

Circles: area    Video 59      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Circles: circumference   Video 60     Practice Questions

Circles: parts   Video 61      Practice Questions

Circles: perimeter of a semi-circle   Video 62     Practice Questions

Circles: segment area     Video 63      Practice Questions

Circle theorems – theorems   Video 64     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Circle theorems – examples   Video 65     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Circle theorems proof: right angle in a semi-circle    Video 65a     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: angles at circumference and centre    Video 65b     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: angles in the same segment    Video 65c     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: cyclic quadrilaterals    Video 65d     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: alternate segment theorem   Video 65e     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: radius and tangent proof    Video 65f     Practice Questions

Congruent shapes   Video 66     Practice Questions

Congruent triangles     Video 67     Practice Questions

Constructions: 30 degree angle     Video 68      Practice Questions

Constructions: 45 degree angle     Video 69      Practice Questions

Constructions: 60 degree angle   Video 70      Practice Questions

Constructions: 90 degree angle     Video 71      Practice Questions

Constructions: angle bisector     Video 72     Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Constructions: equilateral triangles   Video 73      Practice Questions

Constructions: hexagon inside a circle     Video 74      Practice Questions

Constructions: loci part 1      Video 75      Practice Questions

Constructions: loci part 2     Video 76     Practice Questions

Constructions: loci part 3     Video 77     Practice Questions

Constructions: perpendicular bisector   Video 78      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Constructions: perpendicular to a point    Video 79      Practice Questions

Constructions: perpendicular through a point on a line     Video 80      Practice Questions

Constructions: triangles ASA     Video 81     Practice Questions

Constructions: triangles SAS     Video 82     Practice Questions

Constructions: triangles SSS     Video 83     Practice Questions

Coordinates     Video 84      Practice Questions

Coordinates: shapes on a grid     Video 85       Practice Questions

Coordinates: 3D     Video 86     Practice Questions

Coordinates: finding midpoint of a line     Video 87       Practice Questions

Coordinates: finding the distance between two points     Video 88     Practice Questions

Data handling cycle     Video 89     Practice Questions

Decimals: addition     Video 90     Practice Questions

Decimals: subtraction     Video 91    Practice Questions

Decimals: division by decimals   Video 92     Practice Questions

Decimals: dividing decimals by whole numbers    Video 93     Practice Questions

Decimals: multiplying   Video 94     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: ordering    Video 95      Practice Questions

Decimals: converting recurring decimals to fractions     Video 96     Practice Questions

Dimensional analysis     Video 97     Practice Questions

Division: short division   Video 98     Practice Questions

Division by 10, 100, 1000 etc     Video 99     Practice Questions

Division by powers of 10     Video 100     Practice Questions



Division: by decimals   Video 101     Practice Questions

Division: dividing decimals by whole numbers    Video 102     Practice Questions

Division: remainders   Video 103      Practice Questions

Enlargements   Video 104     Practice Questions

Enlargements: describing     Video 105     Practice Questions

Enlargements: finding centre of enlargement     Video 106     Practice Questions

Enlargements: fractional scale factor (less than 1)     Video 107     Practice Questions

Enlargements: negative scale factor     Video 108     Practice Questions

Enlargements: ray method     Video 109      Practice Questions

Equations: solving   Video 110      Practice Questions

Equations: solving fractional      Video 111     Practice Questions

Equations: solving fractional advanced     Video 111a     Practice Questions

Equations: cross multiplication     Video 112     Practice Questions

Equations: letters both sides   Video 113     Practice Questions

Equations: angles and perimeter     Video 114      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Equations: forming     Video 115      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Equations: trial and improvement     Video 116      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Factorisation   Video 117     Practice Questions

Factorisation: quadratics   Video 118     Practice Questions

Factorisation: quadratics harder   Video 119     Practice Questions

Factorisation: difference between two squares   Video 120     Practice Questions

FDP: percentages to decimals   Video 121      Practice Questions

FDP: percentages to fractions    Video 122    Practice Questions

FDP: decimals to fractions    Video 123      Practice Questions

FDP: decimals to fractions (calc)    Video 124     Practice Questions

FDP: decimals to percentages   Video 125      Practice Questions

FDP: fractions to percentages     Video 126     Practice Questions

FDP: fractions to decimals   Video 127     Practice Questions

FDP: fractions to decimals (calc)   Video 128     Practice Questions

FDP: key equivalents     Video 129     Practice Questions

FDP: mixture   Video 130     Practice Questions

FDP: ordering      Video 131     Practice Questions

Fractions: addition (same denominator)    Video 132     Practice Questions

Fractions: addition (different denominator)   Video 133      Practice Questions

Fractions: division   Video 134     Practice Questions

Fractions: equivalent   Video 135     Practice Questions

Fractions: expressing as   Video 136     Practice Questions

Fractions: fraction of an amount    Video 137     Practice Questions

Fractions: find original given a fraction of an amount    Video 138     Practice Questions

Fractions: improper fractions to mixed numbers   Video 139     Practice Questions

Fractions: mixed numbers to improper fractions   Video 140     Practice Questions

Fractions: increase and decrease by a fraction   Video 141     Practice Questions

Fractions: multiplication   Video 142      Practice Questions

Fractions: of shapes    Video 143     Practice Questions

Fractions: ordering    Video 144     Practice Questions

Fractions: reciprocal   Video 145     Practice Questions

Fractions: simplifying     Video 146     Practice Questions

Graphs: bar charts (draw)     Video 147     Practice Questions

Graphs: bar charts (interpret)    Video 148     Practice Questions

Graphs: box plots (draw and interpret)     Video 149     Practice Questions

Graphs: box plots (compare)     Video 150     Practice Questions



Graphs: conversion graphs (draw)     Video 151     Practice Questions

Graphs: conversion graphs (interpret)   Video 152     Practice Questions

Graphs: cumulative frequency (draw)   Video 153     Practice Questions

Graphs: cumulative frequency (interpret)   Video 154     Practice Questions

Graphs: frequency polygons (draw)   Video 155     Practice Questions

Graphs: frequency polygons (interpret)   Video 156    Practice Questions

Graphs: histograms (draw)    Video 157     Practice Questions

Graphs: histograms (find frequency)   Video 158     Practice Questions

Graphs: histograms harder   Video 159     Practice Questions

Graphs: line graphs (draw & interpret)     Video 160     Practice Questions

Graphs: pictograms (draw)    Video 161     Practice Questions

Graphs: pictograms (interpret)   Video 162     Practice Questions

Graphs: pie charts (draw)    Video 163       Practice Questions

Graphs: pie charts (interpret)     Video 164     Practice Questions

Graphs: scatter graphs (draw)   Video 165    Practice Questions

Graphs: scatter graphs (interpret)    Video 166    Practice Questions

Graphs: scatter graphs (line of best fit)    Video 167    Practice Questions

Graphs: scatter graphs (correlation)    Video 168    Practice Questions

Graphs: stem and leaf (draw)   Video 169      Practice Questions

Graphs: stem and leaf (interpret)    Video 170      Practice Questions

Graphs: distance-time graphs     Video 171    Practice Questions

Indices  (numerical)   Video 172    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Indices: fractional     Video 173      Practice Questions

Indices: laws of   Video 174     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Indices: negative     Video 175      Practice Questions

Inequalities     Video 176    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Inequalities on a number line      Video 177    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Inequalities: solving (one sign)     Video 178    Practice Questions

Inequalities: solving (two signs)     Video 179    Practice Questions

Inequalities: graphical y>a or x>a      Video 180    Practice Questions

Inequalities: graphical y>x+a or x+y>a     Video 181    Practice Questions

Inequalities: regions     Video 182    Practice Questions

Limits of accuracy      Video 183     Practice Questions

Limits of accuracy: solving problems     Video 184     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: length of a line segment     Video 185     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: drawing using xy table   Video 186      Practice Questions

Linear graphs: drawing using knowledge of y=mx+c     Video 187      Practice Questions

Linear graphs: find equation given graph (across one method)     Video 188     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: gradient of a line     Video 189     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: gradient between two points     Video 190     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: y=mx+c     Video 191     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: y=a graphs     Video 192      Practice Questions

Linear graphs: x=a graphs     Video 193      Practice Questions

Linear graphs: find equation of a line     Video 194     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: equation of line through two coordinates     Video 195     Practice Questions

Linear graphs: parallel lines     Video 196    Practice Questions

Linear graphs: perpendicular lines     Video 197    Practice Questions

Linear graphs: midpoint of a line segment     Video 198     Practice Questions

Multiplication: grid method   Video 199      Practice Questions

Multiplication: column method   Video 200      Practice Questions



Multiplication: end number     Video 201    Practice Questions

Multiplication: by 10, 100 etc     Video 202     Practice Questions

Multiplication: powers of 10      Video 203     Practice Questions

Multiplication: decimals   Video 204     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Multiplication: times tables    Video 204a     Textbook Exercise

Negatives: addition and subtractions involving     Video 205    Practice Questions

Negatives: multiplication    Video 206     Practice Questions

Negatives: division    Video 207     Practice Questions

Negatives: ordering     Video 208     Practice Questions

Negatives: real life (temperature)     Video 209    Practice Questions

Number: best buys     Video 210     Practice Questions

Number: BODMAS (order of operations)     Video 211    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Number: cube numbers    Video 212     Practice Questions

Number: cubing a number    Video 213     Practice Questions

Number: cube root     Video 214      Practice Questions

Number: currency    Video 214a      Practice Questions

Number: estimation   Video 215     Practice Questions

Number: factors   Video 216      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Number: midpoint between two numbers   Video 217     Practice Questions

Number: common multiples and LCM    Video 218     Practice Questions

Number: common factors and HCF   Video 219     Practice Questions

Number: multiples   Video 220     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Number: ordering numbers   Video 221     Practice Questions

Number: place value     Video 222     Practice Questions

Number: place value (operations)     Video 222a   Practice Questions

Number: product of primes    Video 223     Practice Questions

Number: product of primes (LCM/HCF)    Video 224    Practice Questions

Number: prime numbers     Video 225     Practice Questions

Number: square numbers    Video 226     Practice Questions

Number: squaring a number   Video 227   Practice Questions

Number: square root   Video 228     Practice Questions

Number: triangular numbers     Video 229    Practice Questions

Number: rational and irrational numbers     Video 230    Practice Questions

Parallel lines     Video 231     Practice Questions

Perpendicular lines     Video 232     Practice Questions

Percentages: change     Video 233    Practice Questions

Percentages: of an amount (non-calc)    Video 234      Practice Questions  Textbook Exercise

Percentages: of an amount (calculator)   Video 235    Practice Questions

Percentages: compound interest   Video 236     Practice Questions

Percentages: expressing as   Video 237    Practice Questions

Percentages: increasing/decreasing by   Video 238    Practice Questions

Percentages: multipliers   Video 239    Practice Questions

Percentages: reverse   Video 240      Practice Questions

Perimeter: of shapes    Video 241    Practice Questions

Perimeter: on a grid     Video 242     Practice Questions

Perimeter: semi-circle   Video 243     Practice Questions

Probability: OR rule     Video 244     Practice Questions

Probability: basic     Video 245     Practice Questions

Probability: sample space diagrams     Video 246    Practice Questions

Probability: conditional     Video 247    Practice Questions

Probability: relative frequency     Video 248    Practice Questions

Probability: independent events     Video 249    Practice Questions

Probability: not happening     Video 250     Practice Questions



Probability: scale     Video 251     Practice Questions

Probability: tree diagrams     Video 252      Practice Questions

Probability: listing outcomes     Video 253     Practice Questions

Proportion: direct     Video 254      Practice Questions

Proportion: inverse     Video 255     Practice Questions

Proportion: recipes     Video 256     Practice Questions

Pythagoras   Video 257      Practice Questions

Pythagoras on a graph     Video 258     Practice Questions

Pythagoras: 3D   Video 259    Practice Questions

Pythagoras: rectangles and iscosceles triangles     Video 260    Practice Questions

Pythagoras: proving a triangle is right-angled   Video 261    Practice Questions

Pythagoras: area of a regular hexagon     Video 262     Practice Questions

Pythagoras: distance between two points     Video 263     Practice Questions

Quadratic graphs: drawing     Video 264      Practice Questions

Quadratic graphs: sketching using key points      Video 265

Quadratics: solving by factorising     Video 266     Practice Questions

Quadratics: formula     Video 267     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Quadratics: solving using completing the square     Video 267a     Practice Questions

Quadratic formula proof:     Video 267b    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Quadratics: solving (mixture)    Practice Questions

Questionnaires     Video 268      Practice Questions

Ratio: simplifying     Video 269      Practice Questions

Ratio: sharing the total     Video 270      Practice Questions

Ratio: given one value     Video 271      Practice Questions

Reflections   Video 272     Practice Questions

Reflections: describing     Video 273     Practice Questions

Reflections: finding mirror line     Video 274     Practice Questions

Rotations     Video 275     Practice Questions

Rounding: to whole numbers     Video 276     Practice Questions

Rounding: to nearest 10    Video 277a      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Rounding: to nearest 100    Video 277b     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Rounding: to 1, 2 decimal places     Video 278     Practice Questions

Rounding: significant figures     Video 279a    Practice Questions

Rounding: highest/lowest values     Video 280    Practice Questions

Sampling: stratified   Video 281     Practice Questions

Sampling: random     Video 282    Practice Questions

Scales and maps     Video 283    Practice Questions

Scales: reading     Video 284    Practice Questions

Sensible estimates     Video 285    Practice Questions

Sequences: describing rules     Video 286     Practice Questions

Sequences: missing terms     Video 287     Practice Questions

Sequences: nth term    Video 288      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Sequences: nth term for fractional sequences   Video 289    Textbook Exercise

Sequences: patterns     Video 290    Practice Questions

Similar shapes: definition   Video 291     Practice Questions

Similar shapes: finding sides     Video 292     Practice Questions

Similar shapes: area       Video 293a     Practice Questions

Similar shapes: volume   Video 293b     Practice Questions

Similar shapes: further     Video 294       Practice Questions

Simultaneous equations (elimination)     Video 295      Practice Questions

Simultaneous equations (substitution, both linear)     Video 296    Practice Questions

Simultaneous equations (graphical)     Video 297

Simultaneous equations (linear and non-linear)     Video 298     Practice Questions

Speed, distance and time     Video 299    Practice Questions  Textbook Exercise

Standard form     Video 300      Practice Questions



Standard form: addition and subtraction     Video 301     Practice Questions

Standard form: multiplication     Video 302     Practice Questions

Standard form: division     Video 303     Practice Questions

Subtraction    Video 304     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Surds: intro, rules, simplifying     Video 305     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Surds: addition/subtraction     Video 306     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Surds: rationalising denominators     Video 307     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Surds: expanding brackets     Video 308     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Surface area: mixture     Video 309     Practice Questions

Surface area: cuboid     Video 310      Practice Questions

Surface area: L-shape prism     Video 311     Practice Questions

Surface area: other prisms     Video 312

Surface area: sphere     Video 313     Practice Questions

Surface area: cone     Video 314     Practice Questions

Surface area: cylinders     Video 315      Practice Questions

Symmetry: line     Video 316     Practice Questions

Symmetry: rotational    Video 317     Practice Questions

Tables: distance charts    Video 318      Practice Questions

Tables: two-way tables    Video 319     Practice Questions

Tables: timetables    Video 320     Practice Questions

Tally charts     Video 321       Practice Questions

Time: calculations     Video 322     Practice Questions

Transformations: mixture     Practice Questions

Transformations of graphs     Video 323     Practice Questions

Transformations of trigonometric graphs     Video 324   Practice Questions

Translations: vector    Video 325     Practice Questions

Translations: describing   Video 326     Practice Questions

Triangles: types of   Video 327     Practice Questions

Triangles: congruent     Video 328     Practice Questions

Trigonometry introduction:     Video 329      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Trigonometry missing sides:     Video 330      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Trigonometry missing angles:     Video 331      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Trigonometry: 3D     Video 332     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: sine rule missing sides     Video 333     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: sine rule missing angles     Video 334     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: cosine rule missing sides     Video 335     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: cosine rule missing angles     Video 336     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: area of a triangle   Video 337     Proof     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Trigonometry: Sine graph     Video 338     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: Cosine graph     Video 339     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: Tangent graph     Video 340     Practice Questions

Trigonometry: Exact values     Video 341    Practice Questions

Types of data: Qualitative & Quantitative    Video 342    Practice Questions

Types of data: discrete & continuous    Video 343    Practice Questions

Types of graph: cubics     Video 344

Types of graph: exponential     Video 345    Practice Questions

Types of graph: reciprocal     Video 346

Types of graph: mixture

Units: types of metric and imperial unit     Video 347     Practice Questions

Units: Converting imperial units for length     Video 348a     Practice Questions

Units: Converting imperial units for mass        Video 348b     Practice Questions

Units: Converting imperial units for capacity        Video 348c     Practice Questions

Units: Metric units (length)     Video 349a     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Units: Metric units (mass)       Video 349b     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Units: Metric units (capacity)      Video 349c      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Units: metric to imperial (length)     Video 349d     Practice Questions

Units:  metric to imperial (mass)     Video 349e     Practice Questions

Units: metric to imperial (capacity)     Video 349f     Practice Questions

Units: converting areas     Video 350     Practice Questions



Units: converting volumes     Video 351     Practice Questions

Use of a calculator   Video 352      Practice Questions

Vectors     Video 353     Practice Questions

Views: front/side elevation and plan view      Video 354     Practice Questions

Volume: cube and cuboid   Video 355     Practice Questions

Volume: prism     Video 356     Practice Questions

Volume: cylinder   Video 357     Practice Questions

Volume: L-shape prism     Video 358     Practice Questions

Volume: cone     Video 359      Practice Questions

Volume: pyramid     Video 360     Practice Questions

Volume: sphere     Video 361      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Additional Topics

Number: Writing figures in words     Video 362     Practice Questions

Number: Writing words in figures     Video 363     Practice Questions

Flow Charts     Video 364

Algebraic Proof     Video 365

Geometric Proof     Video 366

Linear Programming     Video 367

Intersecting Chord Theorem     Video 368

Inverse functions     Video 369

Composite functions     Video 370

Quadratic graph (completing the square)    Video 371

Linear graphs (tangents to circles)    Video 372

Iteration    Video 373

Arithmetic progressions    Video 374

Geometric progressions    Video 375

Frequency Trees     Video 376

Error Intervals    Video 377

Inequalities: quadratic    Video 378

Set notation    Video 379

Venn Diagrams    Video 380

Shortest distance from point to a line    Video 381

Time series    Video 382

Product rule for counting    Video 383

Density    Video 384

Pressure    Video 385

Function Machines     Video 386

Reading Tables     Video 387


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