3D Pythagoras Textbook Answers

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Question 1:

(a)  7.071cm or √50cm or 5√2cm

(b)  8.66cm or √75cm or 5√3cm

Question 2:

(a) 3.60555cm or √13cm

(b) 6.32456cm or √40cm or 2√10cm

(c) 6.7082cm or 3√5cm or √45cm

(d) 7cm

Question 3:

(a) 10cm

(b)  13.4164cm or √180cm or 6√5cm

(c)  15.62cm or √244cm  or  2√61cm

Question 4:

(a)  5.657vm  or  √32cm  or 4√2cm

(b)  2.8284cm  or  2√2cm

(c)  6.4031cm  or  √41cm

(d)  6.7082cm or √45cm or 3√5cm


Question 1:  40.3113m or 5√65m

Question 2:  yes, 102.1cm is the length of the diagonal.

Question 3:  294.05cm³

Question 4:  12.806cm or 2√41cm