Volume of a Prism Textbook Answers

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Workout: Question 1:

(a)  72cm³          (b)  300cm³           (c)  70m³

(d)  0.88m³         (e)  154cm³           (f)  648cm³

(g)  660cm³        (h)  8000cm³         (i)  945cm³

Question 2:

(a)  800cm³       (b)  2160cm³         (c)  1350cm³

(d)  1088cm³     (e)  432cm³           (f)  276cm³

Question 3:

(a)  150.8cm³     (b)  2463cm³       (c)  7854cm³


Question 1:   15cm

Question 2:   25cm

Question 3:   100 boxes

Question 4:   Yes, the volume of the flowerpot is 1920cm³

Question 5:   6cm

Question 6:   510000 litres

Question 7:   8.3cm

Question 8:   144g