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Answers: Surface area of cubes/cuboids

May 15, 2017


Question 1:

(a)    24cm²             (b)   150cm²            (c)   294mm²

Question 2:

(a)   76cm²              (b)   86cm²              (c)   810cm²

(d)   64cm²              (e)   37cm²              (f)  868cm²

(g)   292.2cm²         (h)   484mm²           (i)   17250cm²

Question 3:  864cm²

Question 4:  1.5cm²


Question 1:   x = 3cm

Question 2:   Cuboid B has the lowest surface area (440cm²)

Question 3:  600cm²

Question 4:   He has only considered the top, front and right hand side, not the bottom, back and left hand side. So he needs to multiply his answer by 2. Also the units should be cm²

Question 5: (a)  8cm          (b)  17cm       (c)  1.5cm


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