Perimeter Textbook Answers

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Question 1

(a)   16cm      (b)  24cm     (c)  28cm

(d)  24cm       (e)  34cm     (f)   46cm

Question 2

(a)  52cm      (b)  48cm      (c)  110mm

(d)  6.6m      (e)  360m       (f)  192mm

Question 3

(a)  60cm      (b)  136cm      (c)  3.6m

Question 4

(a)  24cm      (b)   13.5cm      (c)  213m      (d)  0.78cm

Question 5

(a)  58cm     (b)  24cm     (c)   26.5cm

Question 6

(a)  42cm     (b)  85cm     (c)  24.8cm

Question 7

(a)  42cm     (b)  14cm      (c)  54m

(d)   44cm    (e)  74cm

Question 8

(a)  5cm      (b)  26cm      (c)  5cm

(d)  7cm      (e)  12cm      (f)  22cm

(g)  13.5cm    (h)  40cm     (i)  37cm


Question 1:   The answer depends on the size of printing.

Question 2:   length 8cm, width 1cm. Other answers available.

Question 3:   12cm

Question 4:   17.8m

Question 5:   1120m (1.12km)

Question 6:    £261

Question 7:    width = 75cm  and length = 115cm

Question 8:    48cm

Question 9:    24cm

Question 10:   3cm by 8cm (A = 24 and P = 22)    2cm by 12cm (A = 24 and P = 28)

Question 11:   (a)  The area of A is less than B    (b)  The perimeters are the same

Question 12:    90cm

Question 13:    74cm

Question 14:     4.5cm