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Limits of Accuracy 1 – answers

June 28, 2017


Question 1:

(a)   LB: 3.5g,  UB: 4.5g

(b)   LB: 11.5cm, UB: 12.5cm

(c)   LB:  74.5miles, UB: 75.5miles

(d)  LB:  45kg,  UB:  55kg

(e)  LB:  125 seconds,  UB:  135 seconds

(f)  LB:  222.5km,  UB:  227.5km

(g)  LB:  350ml,  UB:  450ml

(h)  LB: 1895 hours,  UB:  1905 hours

(i)   LB:  2650mm,  UB:  2750mm

(j)   LB:  4950km,   UB:  5050km

(k)  LB:  27995kg,   UB:  28005kg

(l)  LB:  25000km/h,   UB:  35000km/h

Question 2:

(a)   LB:  75,   UB:  84

(b)   LB:  £9.50,   UB:  £10.49

(c)   LB:  450 chairs,  UB:  549

(d)   LB:  13500,  UB:  14499

(e)   LB:  £28950,   UB:  £29050

Question 3:

(a)   LB:  3.75cm,   UB:  3.85cm

(b)   LB:  15.15,   UB:  15.25

(c)   LB:  6.35g,   UB:  6.45g

(d)   LB:  515.85kg,   UB:  515.95kg

(e)   LB:   0.065 seconds,   UB:  0.075 seconds

(f)   LB:  5.255mm,   UB:  5.265mm

(g)   LB:  24.0905kg,    UB:  24.0915kg

(h)  LB:  7.95cm,    UB:  8.05cm

Question 4:

(a)  LB:  3.5 miles,   UB:  4.5 miles

(b)   LB:  25cm,   UB:  35cm

(c)  LB:  850ml,   UB:  950ml

(d)  LB:  0.15m,  UB:  0.25m

(e)   LB:  13.5 hours,  UB:  14.5 hours

(f)   LB:  275g,   UB:  285g

(g)   LB:  41500km,  UB:  42500km

(h)  LB: 747.5 gallons,  UB:  748.5 gallons

(i)   LB:  395m,   UB: 405m

(j)   LB:  7950kg,  UB:  8050kg

(k)  LB:  289950km/h,   UB:  290050km/h

(l)   LB:  0.0235,   UB:  0.0245

(m)  LB:  15.05,  UB:  15.15km

(n)   LB:  95g,  UB: 150g


Question 1:   No yet! As the space may be as little as 205cm, he really needs to go back and measure again… a bit more accurately!

Question 2:  349

Question 3:  No, to the nearest 10, the LB would be 395m and UB 405m

Question 4:  (a)  £2.94    (b)  £3.68

Question 5:  I agree with the 12%… 9.5 and 15.

Option 1 – 5 is already to 1 significant figure

Option 2 – 10.5 isn’t the upper bound, 11 rounds to 10 to 1st, so do 14 etc.

Option 3 – I agree!

Option 4 – 7.5 rounds to 8 to 1 sf.


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