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Volume of a Sphere answers

June 30, 2017


Question 1:

(a)   2144.7cm³

(b)   113.1cm³

(c)   14.1m³

(d)   5575.3cm³

(e)   179.6m³

(f)   2.1cm³

Question 2:

(a)   36𝛑 cm³

(b)   288𝛑 cm³

(c)   166 2/3 𝛑 cm³

Question 3:

(a)   3050cm³

(b)  28700cm³

(c)   157cm³

(d)   8.18 inches cubed

Question 4:

(a)   3.6cm

(b)  7.8cm

(c)   0.6m (or 62.0cm)

Question 5:

(a)   4.6cm

(b)   16.5cm

(c)  0.9m (or 91.4cm)


Question 1:   3.855cm

Question 2:   1072.33cm³

Question 3:   47.64%

Question 4:    58.935kg

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