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Area of a Rectangle – answers

July 3, 2017


Question 1

(a)  45cm²       (b)  56cm²         (c)   24cm²         (d)  45cm²

(e)   220cm²    (f)  250cm²        (g)  56cm²         (h)  1000cm²

(i)   24m²        (j)  216 sq miles    (k)  165mm²   (l)  585cm²

Question 2

(a)  49cm²       (b)  400cm²         (c)   81mm²      (d)  196cm²

Question 3

(a)   22cm²       (b)  27cm²         (c)  24.8cm²       (d)  18cm²

(e)  51.3cm²     (f)  38.86cm²     (g)  0.27m²       (h)  0.78km²

Question 4

(a)  0.9m²  (or 9000cm²)          (b)   1.4km²  (or  1400000m²)

(c)  7m²  (or  70000cm²)          (d)  1.08cm²   (or  108mm²)

(e)  2.8m²  (or  28000cm²)       (f)  0.4m²   (or  4000cm²)

(g)   9000cm² (or  0.9m²  or   900000mm²)

Question 5

(a)  8cm         (b)  5cm          (c)  2mm

(d)  5cm         (e)  60cm        (f)  8km

(g)  12cm       (h)  16cm        (i)  4.5m

(j)   37cm       (k)  7cm          (l)   40m


Question 1:   21000m²

Question 2:    108cm²

Question 3:  (L = 30, W = 1) ( L = 15cm, W=2cm)      (L=6cm, W=5cm)   (L=60cm, W=0.5cm) etc

Question 4:   20cm

Question 5:  Length = 20cm   and   Width = 4cm

Question 6:   Length = 50cm   and   Width = 2cm

Question 7:   80 minutes

Question 8:   7700m²  (as the width is 70m)

Question 9:   £1960

Question 10:  200 tiles

Question 11:   56 tiles

Question 12:  £288

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