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Classroom Idea: LED Light Display

September 28, 2017

LED Light Display

Over the past few weeks I have noticed lots of photos on Facebook from friends using LED Light Displays to announce birthdays etc. Instantly I wondered if they could be used to enhance my classroom and capture students’ attention – perhaps with key words, messages or even mathematical formulae or prompts (such as SOH CAH TOA)

So I picked up 2 displays for £10 and began thinking of how they could be used.

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  • Key words
  • Prompts such as SOH CAH TOA
  • Countdown activity for extension work – 1 display with target number, 1 with numbers to be used
  • Messages such as good luck
  • Homework, e.g. Page 75 Ex. 3A
  • Corbettmaths Video number for the lesson being taught, e.g. Video 257 could be the text when teaching a lesson on Pythagoras
  • Can be attached easily to a wall with two screws so can be displayed in prominent location such as beside the whiteboard.

Potential issues:

  • Ensuring you have enough letters (Mine had 3 of many letters and 2 of others and 2 of each number). It was useful buying two displays as I could display “Video 222” with the additional numbers from the second set.
  • Requires batteries
  • Letters could be rearranged by a creative student (or colleague)

I personally plan to use the displays to “highlight” the video that accompanies the lesson being taught as it will be very quick and easy to change the number beneath the word video.

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