Pythagoras Textbook Answers


Question 1

a) x=3cm                   b) x=10cm                    c) x=13cm

Question 2

a) x=9.43cm              b) x=32.31cm                c) x=9.23m

d) x=5.48cm              e) x=43.05mm              f) x=14.01yds

Question 3

a) x=1.6m or           b) x=59.9mm or 6.0cm         c) x=2.1m or 211.9cm

Question 4

a) x=5cm                               b) x=8cm                                  c) x=7cm

Question 5

a) x=6.24cm                          b) x=15.20cm                           c) x=14.39km

d) x=0.98mm                        e) x=94.47cm                            f) x=0.92miles


Question 6

a) x=7.21cm                 b) x=9.75cm                 c) x=18.83cm              d) x=2.14km

e) x=37.10m                 f) x=21.02cm               g) x=1.98cm                 h) x=19.67cm

i) x=13.08mm or 1.31cm                            j) x=13.60cm or 136.01mm

k) x=3.38m or 338.23cm                            l) x=134536.24cm or 1.35km

Question 7

a) no                    b) yes                   c) no


Question 1:         8.87m

Question 2:         7.07cm

Question 3:         a) 56cm                b) 84cm2

Question 4:         21.54cm

Question 5:         186.82miles

Question 6:         47.4cm

Question 7:         a) 8.77cm             b) 17.55cm2

Question 8:         43.30cm2

Question 9:         11.31cm or 22.80cm

Question 10:      12.92cm

Question 11:      12ft and 13ft

Question 12:      Last line should read        x=20cm NOT 200cm

Question 13:      Third line should read     25 + x2 = 169          (she has squared incorrectly)

Then      x2 = 144

              x = 12cm

Question 14:      He has labelled the sides the wrong way, c should be the longest side                                      (25cm)

Second line should read    49 + x2 = 625

Then       x2 = 576

                x = 24cm