Paper 3 Done!

Well done to all the students for meticulously preparing for your exams, I really hope all the hard work pays off. If you have any more exams left, give them your all and then have a fantastic summer holidays.

A lot of students get in contact with me at this point, asking what the grade boundaries will be. I would just recommend you try not to think about it too much (easy for me to say, I know!) but just know that you have given your GCSE your best shot.

I really hope that all the resources on Corbettmaths have been useful. My aim is to provide as much support to students, teachers and tutors as possible through the 5-a-day, Videos, Questions and Revision Cards, so I really hope that some (or all) of those have helped you out.

Over the past year (and especially over the past few weeks), it has been lovely to receive so many messages of thanks… it really makes all the late nights working worthwhile!!

Congratulations on completing your GCSE Maths!!! Well done!!!!