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Football Recurring Decimals to Fractions

January 15, 2014 Comments off

1) Manchester City had an average goals per game at the Etihad of 3.93333… 

Convert this into a top heavy fraction

2) In this game, their sixteenth at home, they scored 5.

What is their new average goals per game at the Etihad?


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Plan View Starter

January 2, 2014 Comments off

If you look up Writhlington School on Google Maps, you will see it displays the ‘old’ school.

What would the plan view of the new Writhlington School look like?

If you go to another school, what would the plan view of your school look like?

Old Writhlington School

Old Writhlington School

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Tessellations – Barcelona

January 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Tessellations in Roof

I took this photograph whilst on holiday in Barcelona. It is the roof of a market.

What do you notice about the shapes on the roof?

Why do you think the shapes fit together perfectly?

How do you think you could show this mathematically?

Where else have you seen patterns that tessellate? Art?

Which other polygons will tessellate?