Core 1

Core 1

Algebra and Functions

Simplifying Expressions     Video

Indices: Laws     Video

Indices: Fractional     Video

Indices: Negative     Video

Indices: Harder     Video

Factorisation: Basic     Video

Factorisation: Quadratic 1     Video

Factorisation: Quadratic 2     Video

Factorisation: Difference between two squares     Video

Surds: Simplifying and Rules     Video

Surds: Addition/Subtraction     Video

Surds: Expanding brackets     Video

Surds: Rationalising the Denominator     Video


Quadratic Functions

Quadratics: Drawing graphs     Video

Quadratics: Solving using factorisation     Video

Quadratics: Solving using completing the square     Video

Quadratics: Solving using the formula     Video

Quadratics: Sketching     Video

Quadratics: Inequalities     Video

Quadratics: Discriminant     Video

Equations and Inequalities

Simultaneous equations: Elimination     Video

Simultaneous equations: Substitution     Video

Simultaneous equations: Linear and Quadratic     Video

Inequalities: Linear     Video

Inequalities: Quadratic     Video

Sketching Curves

Sketching Quadratics     Video

Sketching Cubics     Video

Reciprocal Graphs     Video

Intersecting Graphs     Video

Transformations: f(x)+a     Video

Transformations: af(x)     Video

Transformations: -f(x)     Video

Transformations: f(x+a)     Video

Transformations: f(ax)     Video

Transformations: f(-x)     Video

Transformations: mixture     Video

Coordinate Geometry

Equation of a line     Video

Parallel Lines     Video

Gradient     Video

Equation of a line through a point     Video

Perpendicular Lines     Video

Distance between two points     Video

Midpoint of a line     Video

Sequences and Series

Recurrence Relationship     Video

Arithmetic Series     Video

Sum of an Arithmetic Series     Video

Proof of Sum of an Arithmetic Series     Video

Sigma Notation     Video

Further Questions     Video


Differentiation Introduction     Video

Differentiation     Video

Differentiation: simplifying first     Video

Finding the equation of a tangent     Video

Finding the equation of a normal     Video

Second Derivative     Video

Rate of change     Video


Integrating     Video

Integration: simplifying first     Video

Finding c if given a point on the curve     Video