5-a-day Display Boards

5-a-day Display Boards

I have previously blogged about the 5-a-day with ideas of how people use them. One of the most popular ways the 5-a-day seem to be used by schools is to create a 5-a-day revision board.

Here are some amazing examples of 5-a-day Display Boards:

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I really love the idea of these boards as they:

  • Encourage students to begin revision early with a “little and often” approach – blog
  • Allow students to be responsible for their own revision… but they can check their answers and seek help on any topic they find difficult.
  • They are visually appealing and create an interactive, constantly updating display. I absolutely love my classroom and am a believer that the environment that students learn mathematics in and the displays around them, can help stimulate a passion (ok…an interest, perhaps!) in the wonderful world of maths! – blog
  • As a teacher, they are ideal for providing extension work for highly motivated students within lessons. See Conundrums
  • Can be linked to “house points” or even prizes through raffles for completed “entries.” I am aware of the extrinsic/intrinsic motivation debate, but in previous years when I added some small rewards, I suddenly had 80-90 students attending during break/lunch, compared to 30-40 previously.

These are the commonly asked questions about the display boards:

  • Will the students use it?

I have found that when I have explained the idea behind the display and that the benefits that the students will reap that they will definitely utilise it.

  • What about photocopying costs?

It is possible to print multiple 5-a-day per A4 page… I usually go for 4 per page and quickly guillotine. That works out at 0.5p per 5-a-day at my school. Also, I have found that in the past my “line managers” have always encouraged me to go ahead with it as the benefit for the vast number of students that use it outweigh the small cost.

  • Is there much preparation?

To be honest, when I have had the display inside my classroom, it does take a bit of forward planning. I usually spend an hour each half-term (or inset day) preparing the full term ahead.

However, many schools place their 5-a-day Display Boards in corridors, such as many of the examples shown in the slideshow above. A big benefit of this is there can be a departmental approach to preparation. Also I like the idea of students being able to “grab” a 5aday on their way past.

A big THANK YOU to the following teachers/schools for sharing their displays with me.