Podcast with MrBartonMaths

Recently Craig Barton www.mrbartonmaths.com featured me on one of his very popular Podcasts.

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In Craig’s words we discussed:

  • How does John introduce pi via the medium of a baguette?
  • How does John prepare and deliver a lesson using the Flipped Learning approach? Now, I feel Flipped Learning is a concept that does not get discussed all that often these days, and it is absolutely fascinating hearing John talk about the planning process, the logistics, the technology, what happens before the lesson, what happens in the lesson, what John perceives as the numerous benefits to Flipped Learning, and what advice John has for teachers wanting to try this out.
  • John tells us about his amazing 5-a-days, where the idea came from, and how exactly he uses them with all his classes
  • We delve deep into why John started recording videos, how Corbett Maths has grown, and he describes exactly how much work goes into preparing and recording a video – and it is quite a surprise, I can tell you!
  • How has creating videos made John a better teacher, and why he would advise every teacher to record a video?
  • John explains about his Practice Questions and Textbook Exercises, and how he manages to write so many original questions
  • We talk about John’s GCSE Revision Cards, and after you have heard how much work John does, and how good these are, you will be ordering them up
  • And just before he talks about his Big 3, John describes what he he wishes he had known when he started teaching