Edexcel Paper 3 – Unseen Topics

Edexcel Paper 3 – Unseen Topics

*These Checklists and Practice Papers are based on the topics that are “Unseen” or are usually more prominent. It is very important that students recap the entire GCSE course – as there are 3 Papers, it is almost certain that some topics from Papers 1 & 2 will appear on Paper 3.

The Practice Papers are collections of 60+ questions that have not appeared (or as much as usual) and therefore are not aimed to be predict the actual paper, but give practice on the topics that may a good chance of appearing.

These resources are aimed to supplement the usual revision that you would already be doing for Paper 3. Here are revision checklists for the entire GCSE (Higher) and (Foundation)

Higher Unseen Topics – Practice Paper

Higher Unseen Topics – Practice Paper answers

Foundation Unseen Topics – Practice Paper

Foundation Unseen Topics – Practice Paper answers

Unseen Topic List – Higher

Unseen Topic List – Foundation

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