Revision Card Displays

Last summer I created a display for my classroom using the Corbettmaths Revision Cards. I have to say the display was one of the most useful classroom displays that I’ve ever had. From students quickly running up to check their knowledge of “exact trig values” to students jotting down key facts from topics they were less confident on.

One of the my favourite uses over the year was in the final approach to the actual exams. At this point student were confident in highlighting their strengths/weaknesses from extensive past papers and assessment, they would visit the display and use the card but also the QR code for the videos and questions to spend 20-30 minutes solidly working on the needed topics. The display became such a big part of revision that some students would bring their own sets of the revision cards into lessons.

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This display covers around 40 of the 90 cards, with another display at the back of the classroom. As the QR codes are an important part of the display, I actually used two sets to make the display, one showing the front the card and another beneath it showing the back. The display took around 30 minutes in total to make.

However over the past year, many teachers on Twitter have shared their own displays, which are even better than my own.

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I particularly like the displays that use the “hanging photo curtains,” as they can be easily reversed to find the QR codes.

Hopefully the Corbettmaths Revision Cards might be useful in helping you create a visually appealing learning environment but also that they will help your students with their GCSE studies.

There are big discounts for school bulk orders (potential savings of over 40%)