May 2023 Update

Since creating the Ultimate Revision resources, I have created:

  • 49 new Practice Questions
  • 2 New Practice Question Booklets
  • 5 Practice Question Booklets updated
  • 2 Sets of Answers
  • 14 Video Solutions added for the Practice Questions (7 hours of explanation)
  • 4 New Video Tutorials
  • 3 Updated Videos
  • 1 Video Message
  • GCSE Paper 2 and 3 Resources

New Practice Questions Booklets

Turning Points using Completing the Square (20 new questions)

Cost per Litre (11 new questions)

Updated Practice Questions Booklets

Tessellations (2 new questions)

Currency (8 new questions)

Density (3 new questions)

Frequency Polygons (3 new questions)

Quadratic Formula (2 new questions)



Quadratic Formula

Video Solutions:

Volume of an L-shape Prism

Perpendicular Lines


Cost per Litre


Frequency Polygons

Frequency Trees

Significant Figures

Think of a Number

Algebraic Proof

Ordering Fractions

Error Intervals

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Area of a Segment

New Video Tutorials

The Determinant of a 2×2 Matrix

Inverse of a 2×2 Matrix

Matrix Equations part 1

Matrix Equations part 2

Updated Videos

Angles in a Straight Line

Angles in a Right Angle

Vertically Opposite Angles

Video Message

For students preparing for Papers 2 and 3

GCSE Paper 2 and 3 Resources

Preparation Resources