Kahoot! is a gameshow-like quiz website. After having been introduced to it, I have spent the last month trying it out for myself. I particularly like using them as part of a plenary, or even to recap a topic.

It is completely free for both teachers and students to use. To start, set up an account at http://www.getkahoot.com and begin making quizzes.

Here are a few of mine:

GCSE Higher Revision  (A* to G) (I am planning to update)

GCSE Foundation Revision  (A* to G) (I am planning to update)

Multiplying Decimals  (I am planning to update)

Divisibility Tests  (I am planning to update)

The quizzes are multiple choice and students race against each other to win points. They go to http://www.kahoot.it and type in the game Pin. They do not need to login or even sign up. They just enter their name (I insist on their name rather than nicknames) and when ready the quiz/gameshow begins.


As the teacher, you begin the quiz on the computer that is linked to the projector and the students select the correct answer. Their view looks like this:


The students absolutely love the competitive nature of Kahoot! and adds a bit of variety to a plenary or revision lesson.

The only downsides I have found are the students cannot change their answer if they have picked the wrong one. Also, like with any type of activity, if repeated too often they can become a little bored. These can be easily avoided however by telling the students to be careful when picking their answers and to scatter Kahoots! throughout your schemes of work.

Kahoot! is an excellent addition to any teachers’ repetoires.