Revision: Christmas Presents

Last December, the fantastic @talkloads shared her idea on Twitter of sending students a revision Christmas gift. I immediately asked if I could “borrow” the idea and have used it over the past two years. The students are touched by the sentiment and they really appreciate that you care about their revision.

Last year I printed off a selection of Corbettmaths Practice Questions, then added in a pen, pencil, a small bag of sweets and a few chocolate coins… It isn’t Christmas unless there are chocolate coins! I (or more accurately my wife) wrapped them and the school posted them to my class.


The purpose was to:

  • ensure the students practiced their maths over the holidays
  • reward the students with their hard work over the first two terms
  • to do something a little different to see what impact it had.

The results were:

  • every student completed all 3 booklets… this was particularly impressive for my forgetful class.
  • the students were absolutely chuffed with receiving a present.
  • the students were full of praise for the idea and said that no other subject had done anything like this for them before… also their attendance to revision sessions for the rest of the academic year was very high, which helped them thoroughly exceed their targets as a class.


This year, I tweaked the idea slightly.

  • I used booklets based on students individual QLAs from their November mocks
  • I included a schedule of revision sessions for the year ahead with certain sessions highlighted, helping students target their own weaknesses.

Hopefully they will prove as successful as next year!